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No assessments or tests. Just lots of opportunities to practice pronouncing unfamiliar Mandarin Chinese sounds such as XI, and ZH and CI correctly. You will also learn how to pronounce many useful Chinese words and everyday phrases. Designed by Leonie McKeon who is an Australian Mandarin Chinese Pronunciation Expert.

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Simple Easy Effective

Richard Dolan Jt Managing Director at Bec Hardy Wines

“A go-to course for anyone working in the China space and who’s curious to learn more about the language and culture of the Middle Kingdom. Videos and supporting materials are clear and concise, enabling students to hop in and hop out at a time and place that suits their study needs. It’s easy to go back and recap or revisit previous learnings. All in all: Simple. Easy. Effective.”

Embrace Pronounce Mandarin

Lisa O'Donoghue Former CEO Australia China Business Council SA

Pronounce Mandarin - The Easy Way should be part of everyone's education whether you are a school student, doing business in the China market or engaging with Chinese tourists and students. Language is the key to cultural understanding and I encourage you to embrace Pronounce Mandarin - The Easy Way to further your China journey.

Pronounce Mandarin - The Easy Way is designed to fit easily into your busy schedule

Each lesson is short which means you can easily fit it into your busy schedule

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    Learn how to pronounce the names of your Chinese friends and business colleagues correctly

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    Become more culturally competent in Mandarin Chinese language pronunciation and essential cultural concepts

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